Rock Steady

Photo by Pok Rie on

I want that rock steady love
What you doing?
What you thinking of?
Type of love

The feeling that you crave
Reminiscent of stars shinning from above
Drenched in the cover of twilight
And grinning smiles

You make my midnight bliss
You make my morning worth while
I’m gonna love you like vinyl records
It’s never going out of style

I’m going to hold you
Like the seashore riding the waters edge
We make waves without even trying
But as we grow close we pull away

We’re a hop, skip and jump away like the Virgin Islands
Throw a rope laced with hope
So our worlds can collide
We talk easy, act greasy but we’re bubbly on the inside

Some call it love others call it life
We play it cool like cold drinks splashed over ice
We don’t always agree
But when we’re together it feels right

Love always, Esha ❤

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