Rock Steady

Photo by Pok Rie on I want that rock steady loveWhat you doing?What you thinking of?Type of love The feeling that you craveReminiscent of stars shinning from aboveDrenched in the cover of twilightAnd grinning smiles You make my midnight blissYou make my morning worth whileI'm gonna love you like vinyl recordsIt's never going out … Continue reading Rock Steady


Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on There is a bubbling feeling stirring up inside Pushing me to go further Tomorrow isn't guaranteed The future is a remote destination It's quality stipulated by the bricks laid And preparation taken ahead of time A silver necklace is beautiful But after it is polished, It shines Love always, … Continue reading Polished

We Live Here

We Live Here we blow bubbles as though we occupied a pineapple at the heart of the sea we pound words into clay and use fossilized seaweed to make cutlery   we are not merpeople but we live here a place that defies logic and misrepresents fear   feet beckoned by unknown forces draw near … Continue reading We Live Here