Orange Juice

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on

That hard yellow, tangy citrus

It’s thick like pea soup

Morning isn’t complete without a cup

It’s sweet yet the flavor is abrupt

Some like it fresh squeezed

With a flavor so spectacular…

it brings the prideful to their knees

People ask for more

Not forgoing an added measure of please

With pulp or without it’s smacking

Inspiring a slight smile or a pleasant reaction

For some the acidic nature is too much to bare

Orange feelings in a bottle of ice cold dreams

It taste like hope sliding down a rainbow

We call it beautiful in tangent

Even from across the room it glows

The glass doesn’t need ice

As condensation rolls like beads of sweat

A cup of deliciousness your heart will not soon forget

Orange juice leaves a dry pallet wet

And that’s why we love it

Love always, Esha ❤

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