Orange Juice

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on That hard yellow, tangy citrus It's thick like pea soup Morning isn't complete without a cup It's sweet yet the flavor is abrupt Some like it fresh squeezed With a flavor so spectacular... it brings the prideful to their knees People ask for more Not forgoing an added measure … Continue reading Orange Juice


Burning Toast

Burning Toast Can you smell the burning toast in the thick air? It sets fire to relaxed nostrils The fog drifts from the toaster like a daydream on fire It spreads through the vast house like a monsoon It goes above and beyond but still reaches higher Lift the lever, unplug the toaster and throw … Continue reading Burning Toast

Bondage Games

Bondage Games  what is this, us factor? i don’t call men the morning after them pills got em' ill so, i don’t believe their laughter... i been with, men like this before i smell impending disaster mistrust, stemming from a father walking out of his baby girl life who’s gonna protect her at night? leaving … Continue reading Bondage Games