Mash Up: Never The Same

I look to you
And the icy dreams of your warm embrace
Aching to feel the smooth contours of a chiseled face
Your presence is a sweet melody to me

Reminding a lonely soul of treasured memories
Let love swing from misty air like dandelion spores
Just one blow of cool breeze
Could sweep all of my desires away

But every time I’m gone too long…
You beg me to stay
I dare not ask you where you’ve been
Because I have no answer for myself

The joy is short lived
But we settle for brief moments
Until it’s put back on the shelf
Running back and forth between fading lines

Wondering if the truth is valued
Finding a tragic yet seductive nuance in a lie
We have a connection
That turns blue skies grey

Kiss me 50 times

As my troubles fade away

Chasing after the bliss

While forgetting the challenges of yesterday

Hoping we’ll stay together

But knowing some things can never be the same

Love always, Esha

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