Mash Up: Never The Same

I look to youAnd the icy dreams of your warm embraceAching to feel the smooth contours of a chiseled faceYour presence is a sweet melody to me Reminding a lonely soul of treasured memoriesLet love swing from misty air like dandelion sporesJust one blow of cool breezeCould sweep all of my desires away But every … Continue reading Mash Up: Never The Same

Winter: Chapped Skin

Photo by Vishal Shah on Chapped Skin It doesn't matter if it's Shea butter, lotion or vitamin E Moisture is what dry skin needs Hydration always reigns supreme In Chicago's deadly... sleet covered ice ring   Stay warm everybody. Stay safe. Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Constant That old mason jar Just keep on workin' The glass was blown to last... I sipped icy orange juice out of it When times were good I drunk chilled beer from it When tomorrow was uncertain 20 years later... It just keep on workin' That old mason jar … Continue reading Constant

Ice Cold Water

Photo by Thu00e0nh Long on Ice Cold Water Can I get a cold glass of water? Hold the ice But add a lemon slice That'll be nice A smooth drink of paradise   Love always, Esha ❤                  


Imagination bend the walls around your thoughts reach for magic and hold it in your hands break sound barriers with your laugh freeze the laws of physics... with an icy diamond encrusted glance   jump rope with a weeping willow branch hitchhike to infinity on the sails of romance you can do almost anything... if … Continue reading Imagination