Mash Up: Never The Same

I look to youAnd the icy dreams of your warm embraceAching to feel the smooth contours of a chiseled faceYour presence is a sweet melody to me Reminding a lonely soul of treasured memoriesLet love swing from misty air like dandelion sporesJust one blow of cool breezeCould sweep all of my desires away But every … Continue reading Mash Up: Never The Same

Growing With Change

Photo by Kaboompics .com on A turquoise view through painted glass Exists for me and you Look out the window Icy wind blows, The hooting and howling Can be heard down the block Where the sidewalk is slick And men move like serpents Whispering into open ears Begging to be closer Utilizing deception to … Continue reading Growing With Change


Photo by Jan Koetsier on   Ever-changing The breeze Lifts my locks with ease And sings to me In a breathy howl:   Hear my sound And Reject me now Or beg for me later It's your choice   But you'll come looking for me When it's hot Then you'll be repulsed by me … Continue reading Ever-changing

Daddy’s Girl Monologue

Daddy's Girl Monologue i begged you and begged you closed my eyes... and then on Christmas morning there it was! the pink polly pocket tea castle that filled my dreams with elaborate play i thanked Mama and exulted you on that day all hail the bringer of toys! it made my tea party afternoons with … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl Monologue