Daddy’s Girl Monologue

photography of blue ceramic coffee cup
Photo by Lisa Fotios on
Daddy’s Girl Monologue i begged you and begged you closed my eyes… and then on Christmas morning there it was! the pink polly pocket tea castle that filled my dreams with elaborate play i thanked Mama and exulted you on that day all hail the bringer of toys! it made my tea party afternoons with Mom splendid and filled my heart with overwhelming joy we poured and sipped and giggled i did my best bourgeois impersonation: pinky finger up, head cocked to the side in a stoic and pertinacious manner i was a miss thing ahead of my time and in love with the feeling my thanks lasted all the way up until… my last cup of tea and beyond even now my adult eyes swelled with reminiscent memories thinking about that toy it was beautiful, one of a kind, the craftsmanship only out shined by its glitter covered green shell hell, i was down right pleased this was the first time… i realized that my Daddy listens to little old me Thank you for reading! Love always, Esha ❤

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