Looking For Reasons

Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com The reasons we trust are varied and few in-betweenOvercoming feelings of isolation and heart breakFor a tomorrow that shines brighter than yesterdayYou are blue sky to me The moving white clouds of hopeful ecstasyYou are the warm falling rain on worn rooftops Thoughts of you bleed into my dreams … Continue reading Looking For Reasons


Honest Heart

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com A drunken heart tells no lies. It speaks in thumps. It sighs and rests in-between beats. Keeping up with heavy moments. Staying instep with quickening feet. Pumping warm blood through cold veins. Moving against our lovers breast. We need to hear it, feel it. Pulsating through a willing chest to … Continue reading Honest Heart

Waiting in Faith

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com Waiting in Faith We live with the hope of awakening to the sight of better things. I know the power of the unseen. Everyday, we sow a precious mustard seed. Faith makes our hearts full. Prayer makes our gardens lush and green. Sometimes the blessings lie in waiting. Love … Continue reading Waiting in Faith

When The Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go OutI’m not hurtOr at least not the wayI use to beI don’t think of youWhen the lights go outDon’t question your mistakesMy future is now predicated by destiny and fateYour calls for my acquaintanceshipCame too little too lateI moved on from your misplaced incestuous transgressionsMaking sexual advances in my directionYou betrayed … Continue reading When The Lights Go Out