Looking For Reasons

Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com

The reasons we trust are varied and few in-between
Overcoming feelings of isolation and heart break
For a tomorrow that shines brighter than yesterday
You are blue sky to me
The moving white clouds of hopeful ecstasy

You are the warm falling rain on worn rooftops Thoughts of you bleed into my dreams Like a hand cut by fragmented glass Why are hopeful futures interrupted by the desolation of the past?

We stay and pray for quiet moments that rarely last
Let the light shine in dark spaces
Steel away some time that was hard for me to let go of
I want to love and be loved

So I can fly on feathered wings of brass desires
That twinkle like stars gleaming across a never ending night
We are the dusty mint sitting at the bottom of a deserted purse
That wasn’t needed till it came in handy

I’m too tough to cry
I shed frustrated emotions and say bitter goodbyes
I am short on patience but grasped by the threshold of time
Desiring a love to call mine
But realizing the reasons that were difficult to find

To care is admirable but to feel is blind
Talk with the bass pulsating through your vocal cords
I can’t hear anything beyond deep words and locked lips
Understanding the language of a tight grasp on loose hips

A kiss is one verb with 2,000 meanings only lovers have heard
But awkward pauses lie in wait
A paradigm with multiple possibilities touched by the dial of fate
One way into a revolving door, I entered a second late
But still arriving exactly on time

Love always, Esha ❤


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