Creative Writing: To Be A Poet

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To be a poet is a complicated task for the human soul. It requires a desire to give words to indescribable experiences. To lean on the feelings that bring up thoughts that surpass comprehension. Expressing notions that many shun to think of. Poetry can be a lonely road that few choose to walk down for fear of getting lost in it’s clutches with no feasible way of escaping. It is silent tears that fall like rain drops onto paper correlated though the ink of dried pens. Scratching at the notepad that responses in blue lines and spaces that cry out to be filled. Write in me a new or past tomorrow.

We scribble at the truth, writing in parables that few minds can decipher but the spirit clings to in times of despair. Poetry is the sun’s response to the moon at dusk. With every ray of light it signals that it will be back again to shine brighter than the curves of laughter tucked in the smile of a newborn. Let the power of unspoken thoughts fill the tip of your pen with every swoop and letter written comes a new found sense of excitement and freedom. Even the painful moments while writing brings a release. William Wordsworth once said, Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. Often this form of self-expression is overlooked and undervalued because it exposes the soul.

To be a poet is to write through the pain. Making sense of the hurt, confusion and doubt that would have drove others insane. Letting truth fall on the paper mixed with drama and fantasy to create a world of wonders where you can be who you are meant to be or shouldn’t be. You are the story teller in a world full of tales waiting to be told. At times you are soft spoken and reflective but in an instant that can change into being bold.

Unraveling poems are spun with your fingertips in motion. Clinched to a pen that glides with ease. Your words can crumble empires or it can put restless hearts at ease. Inspiring the change you hope to see in a world full of cliches and maybes. You stand out putting your emotions to paper and showing crowds that passion matters in a society run by fear, social media likes and self doubt.

Love always, Esha ❤


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