Creative Writing: To Be A Poet

Photo by KoolShooters on To be a poet is a complicated task for the human soul. It requires a desire to give words to indescribable experiences. To lean on the feelings that bring up thoughts that surpass comprehension. Expressing notions that many shun to think of. Poetry can be a lonely road that few … Continue reading Creative Writing: To Be A Poet

Soft Hearts

Photo by Pixabay on See we play these games to hide our brokenness. Then when relationships fall apart... We look for someone to blame. We point the finger and say your different. You've changed. But we covered our true selves out of shame. To embarrassed to say, l'm scared. To fearful to say, I … Continue reading Soft Hearts

My Frustration: Writing Trials

Writing Trials Pens joint down the gibberish we call words. A letter unspoken but clear, syllables strung together by happenstance wrapped up in metaphors and explorative tales. I know the feeling of waning wonder. It goes deeper than a wishing well. One minute your touching pale clouds, the next your taken to the hallows depth … Continue reading My Frustration: Writing Trials