Creative Writing: To Be A Poet

Photo by KoolShooters on To be a poet is a complicated task for the human soul. It requires a desire to give words to indescribable experiences. To lean on the feelings that bring up thoughts that surpass comprehension. Expressing notions that many shun to think of. Poetry can be a lonely road that few … Continue reading Creative Writing: To Be A Poet



Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Constant That old mason jar Just keep on workin' The glass was blown to last... I sipped icy orange juice out of it When times were good I drunk chilled beer from it When tomorrow was uncertain 20 years later... It just keep on workin' That old mason jar … Continue reading Constant

My Take: Outside

Photo by Tim Samuel on Outside Today was complicated. I wasn't upset but I was frustrated. I spent most of the day deliberating if I wanted to go outside... I blame my indecisive confusion on the irritant known as pandemic times. Love always, Esha ❤

Tough Times With You

  Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Tough Times With You It doesn’t mean anything in the end The arguments we use to have  The all too brief hugs  And the hard laughs    When it’s removed from your life  You miss the memories that enlightened your past  The times when you thought that you'd never make … Continue reading Tough Times With You