Tough Times With You


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Tough Times With You

It doesn’t mean anything in the end

The arguments we use to have 

The all too brief hugs 

And the hard laughs 


When it’s removed from your life 

You miss the memories that enlightened your past 

The times when you thought that you’d never make it through 

Suddenly doesn’t seem so bad 


I remember when you use to visit me 

When I lost my job while living on 64th street

Bills were stacking like legos

I owed the bank like a game of monopoly  


Switched to survival mode, strapped for cash 

I started working in factories 

Sleeping in my car with limited time, driving fast 

Attained an education but it wasn’t enough 

To make good times last 


I was living pre-pandemic rough

Sometimes, the fantastic voyage gets tough 

But I still prayed for sunshine 

Standing underneath my umbrella


Wondering when the rain’s letting up

Wishing to ascertain better things 

But with no savings,

turmoil called my bluff 


Yet my resolve remained unmoved 

Chiseled like the face of a mountain 

It’s core is an everlasting fountain 

The globe spins, 

Time multiples


But hard days rarely lie  

Molten magma aged 

By the swells in nature’s design 

Whenever my mind wanders 

Towards doubting…


I reference my moments 

in the trenches with you 

Eating hot fries covered in cheese  

mixed with ramen noodles 



Love always, Esha ❤

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