Short Thought: Self Worth

Photo by Ondosan Sinaga on When people don't value you. It's best to remove yourself from their life. Respect is a two way street. Reciprocity matters more than a connection that reduces your self worth. Love always, Esha ❤

Rider: Stormy Weather

Photo by Andre Furtado on Will you still believe? When the cracks in the sidewalk break up the street? When salty tears fall like acidic rain? Fighting through the rumbling of stomach pain. I'm just curious... When the thunder strikes and things aren't right? Will you be there? Bordering on the edge of nothingness … Continue reading Rider: Stormy Weather


Relationship With Food

  Photo by Pixabay on Relationship With Food Stop! Hold up! Pause! I want you but I don't need you The fried chicken with the french fries And the mild sauce on the side Been calling me   I'm so hungry I started scrolling through Uber eats I am enticed by meaty bacon burgers … Continue reading Relationship With Food

Tough Times With You

  Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Tough Times With You It doesn’t mean anything in the end The arguments we use to have  The all too brief hugs  And the hard laughs    When it’s removed from your life  You miss the memories that enlightened your past  The times when you thought that you'd never make … Continue reading Tough Times With You