Creative Writing: To Be A Poet

Photo by KoolShooters on To be a poet is a complicated task for the human soul. It requires a desire to give words to indescribable experiences. To lean on the feelings that bring up thoughts that surpass comprehension. Expressing notions that many shun to think of. Poetry can be a lonely road that few … Continue reading Creative Writing: To Be A Poet


Careers & Passion

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Writing saved my life. I know it sounds like a clichĂ©. But I feel like God put a pen in my hand and a vision in my heart. In hopes of giving me something worth fighting for. I believe that we all have a vision. A desire to go … Continue reading Careers & Passion


Bed  i've been thinking of you... planning the perfect occasion to come through fall over and into you pull a real casual yet sensual move dropping pens, pencils and markers just to bend down with a slight attitude i'm passive aggressive and you like to play rude i look for a wink, a gesture of … Continue reading Bed