The Gift of Prayer

My auntie died two weeks ago and it hit me hard. It feels like every time I come up for air, my naive lungs take in water. But nevertheless, I have come to the reality that time is not guaranteed. It is only granted to blessed souls for a limited amount of time. And when it is over we are most thankful for the memories they left behind.

Understanding that we must pursue that which we love without hesitation. My heart is not broken but my soul is in a state of shock. Let every tear be wiped away by the glory of God almighty. Because my pillow is drenched. But my spirit flies with white doves in the magnificence of a new jubilee dawning. I will not succumb to sadness. The beauty of my life is the faith everlasting that I feel inside. I will achieve my ambitions, my light will not die.

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Don’t let your dreams perish. They wait for the nourishment of sun and water. Desiring to be acknowledged and hoped for with actions that align with the arrival of desperation. Extending past the bend in eager knees positioned for prayer. We await gifts that the eyes of man have yet to see.

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Love always, Esha ❤


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