The Gift of Prayer

My auntie died two weeks ago and it hit me hard. It feels like every time I come up for air, my naive lungs take in water. But nevertheless, I have come to the reality that time is not guaranteed. It is only granted to blessed souls for a limited amount of time. And when … Continue reading The Gift of Prayer


Strong Water

Strong Water don't wanna drink again can't bare the taste it burns like a paper cut it's hazardous like toxic waste but temptation like a moth to a flame stays... turn around, shield your face or take in too much and swallow disgrace marinated in disappointment plastered onto a random pillow case be careful of … Continue reading Strong Water

Short Poem: The Way It Is

The Way It Is we are two halves of the same whole striving to complete ourselves without each other arguing like kinfolk with the same mother that's what you are to me the other side of the pillow   If you enjoyed this post… If you would like to see more… Please like, share, comment … Continue reading Short Poem: The Way It Is