The Gift of Prayer

My auntie died two weeks ago and it hit me hard. It feels like every time I come up for air, my naive lungs take in water. But nevertheless, I have come to the reality that time is not guaranteed. It is only granted to blessed souls for a limited amount of time. And when … Continue reading The Gift of Prayer


Sparkling Dawn

Photo by Pixabay on Sparkling Dawn Wipe your eyes my love There's no more tears left for you to hold The creases of your smile coated in wet sorrow Will once again shine With the embers of promise and excitement Bliss and happiness are ripe for the picking Take a little with you everywhere … Continue reading Sparkling Dawn

Hold On To

  Hold On To reach, move and go beyond the gleaming starlight where hope set a blaze is a distant pursuant though tomorrow is uncertain the moment is all we have to hold on to   until the dismal night turns to a magnificent dawn and peace covers the chilled earth we count our blessings … Continue reading Hold On To

Just a Thought: We Are

We Are we are not monolithic we speak different tongues come from many lands come in many colors   spread over space and time we were here when civilization began with night on our back   and a flame in our hand the first woman to give birth to man some call us... the dawn … Continue reading Just a Thought: We Are

Someone Shot At Me

As of late, I have been conflicted regarding who I want to be and accepting the truth that consumes my daily thoughts. All the normalcy that I drew limited comfort from went out the window this week! And within my heart that bleeds Black I understand why... The persistent killing, economic oppression and abuse of … Continue reading Someone Shot At Me