The Gift of Prayer

My auntie died two weeks ago and it hit me hard. It feels like every time I come up for air, my naive lungs take in water. But nevertheless, I have come to the reality that time is not guaranteed. It is only granted to blessed souls for a limited amount of time. And when … Continue reading The Gift of Prayer



Doves We are shinning grey doves Swooping down to weave nests Made of golden love It's our job To inspire the comfort we never had So that our children may rest In feathered beds And dream of flying away to construct  Their own homes after they wed   Love always, Esha ❤    

Don’t Hold on to Hurt

Broken cassettes of yesteryear lay scattered about on the floor The days of youth are gone The dove screeches never more Deal with the pain incrementally It causes discomfort but you know your worth Release the pressure valve in small spurts Don't hold on to hurt Soul like a baby's laugh transformed into scrooge's Grinch … Continue reading Don’t Hold on to Hurt