Don’t Hold on to Hurt


Broken cassettes of yesteryear lay scattered about on the floor
The days of youth are gone
The dove screeches never more

Deal with the pain incrementally
It causes discomfort but you know your worth
Release the pressure valve in small spurts
Don’t hold on to hurt

Soul like a baby’s laugh
transformed into scrooge’s Grinch
All because of the torment that made
Your spirit clinch
I can’t trust him even though I wanted this
Yet you hold your head high and say
Don’t hold on to hurt

He called me delusional treated me like a fool
Hid a supposed pregnancy in plain sight
Did one thing by day and another by night
He throws rocks and hides his hand
Yet the world proclaims him right
Don’t hold on to hurt

His life is akin to a well kept secret in church
But does this family know his dirt?
When people aren’t honest with themselves
They have no choice but to lie to you
Delusional people have no clue
Put yourself first
Don’t hold on to hurt


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