Love in a Place Full of Liars

Photo by Oussama Elhaidi on Baby you have no name. But I know you're the kettle to my flame. Sitting ring side when I fight. Cheering me on when I'm at my wits end. Serving as my confidant and best friend. You show me what it means to love someone. Even if I can't … Continue reading Love in a Place Full of Liars

Difficult Situations

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Sometimes you have to figure out difficult situations fast. Pick up the pieces, laugh at the irony and keep trucking along. As you build your faith, the yoke becomes light and the burden is easy. So let the creases in the corners of your mouth perk up. Because a … Continue reading Difficult Situations

Being Called A Loser

Photo by Krizjohn Rosales on I look for the bright side. I think we all do! We search for the road to understanding knowing that the words necessary may elude us at times. But we try and try and try again. Knowing that each failure brings us closer to winning. The world may see … Continue reading Being Called A Loser

Don’t Hold on to Hurt

Broken cassettes of yesteryear lay scattered about on the floor The days of youth are gone The dove screeches never more Deal with the pain incrementally It causes discomfort but you know your worth Release the pressure valve in small spurts Don't hold on to hurt Soul like a baby's laugh transformed into scrooge's Grinch … Continue reading Don’t Hold on to Hurt

Love Below

Weary trust goes beyond the boundary of understanding Like rubber bands getting ready to pop STOP! And think about it   I seen good men get beat by love Like making it to the airport only to miss your plane departing Those who destroy that which they love take it the hardest Burning embers unable … Continue reading Love Below