Uncharted Streets

blueberries blueberry muffins blur close up
Photo by Laura on Pexels.com

Uncharted Streets

don’t you feel better? 
our love is renewed 
you got me 
and i got you 

no more feeling blue 
after all the things we’ve been through… 
you awaken my senses 
like fresh blueberry muffins 
in the morning

i kiss you to life 
when the mundane seems boring 
we play in the parks of our childhoods 
when we recount passing memories 

we finish each other’s thoughts 
like long lost friends 
at a high school reunion
always looking to drive deeper 
into the apple of a lover’s eyes 

my sharp ways 
draws your skin closer to me 
i am the razor 
to your shaving cream

together we lay down 
mahogany bricks in diagonal patterns 
for uncharted streets
to ensure our journey never ends



Love Always, Esha ❤


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