Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on Pexels.com There is a bubbling feeling stirring up inside Pushing me to go further Tomorrow isn't guaranteed The future is a remote destination It's quality stipulated by the bricks laid And preparation taken ahead of time A silver necklace is beautiful But after it is polished, It shines Love always, … Continue reading Polished


Carefully Made House

The Brewery North Brink by Tony Bennett Your house was made months in advance with care and consideration. It will last for decades more. Because love is the mortar that lies between burnt red bricks. And the shingled roof is reinforced with hope and painted with sweet day dreams. Your lawn is watered by bliss … Continue reading Carefully Made House


Photo by Giallo on Pexels.com Rendezvous In a wine colored, brick building Off 54th and Drexel Down the street from the chicken shack Is where it all began   We were looking for love  In the city of sin A flash flood ran through as he came in As promises hung over the starry sky … Continue reading Rendezvous

Uncharted Streets

Uncharted Streets don't you feel better?  our love is renewed  you got me  and i got you  no more feeling blue  after all the things we've been through…  you awaken my senses  like fresh blueberry muffins  in the morning i kiss you to life  when the mundane seems boring  we play in the parks of … Continue reading Uncharted Streets