Standing At The Cusp

Photo by S Migaj on We're just now seeing the ball of glowing fire Rising over the mountain top The red light is bright but nothing like fluorescence It stings the eyes, it lights up the world, It electrifies the soul, it burns out of control The shinning rays touching cold skin gives the … Continue reading Standing At The Cusp


Uncharted Streets

Uncharted Streets don't you feel better?  our love is renewed  you got me  and i got you  no more feeling blue  after all the things we've been through…  you awaken my senses  like fresh blueberry muffins  in the morning i kiss you to life  when the mundane seems boring  we play in the parks of … Continue reading Uncharted Streets

Inside of You

Inside of You i think... we work it through like rainwater refreshed by the leaf it fell onto break, reform and come back renewed   it is akin to the tree that falls in the forest and no one knew a whole ecosystem  living and reliving is inside of you...   Thank you for reading … Continue reading Inside of You