Can I Get a Witness? 

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Can I Get a Witness? 

beat it like a cockroach on a bathroom wall 
slide like ice is under your feet 
strike with the accuracy of a bald eagle 
and the ferocity of a lioness in heat

be like hyenas cunning and lethal
stalking your territory for a way to feed your people
be fearless like an enlarged heart
pounding in a lover’s chest

breath in Muhammad Ali’s fire
and excel to be acknowledged as the best
be wise to the world of tactless men
process and utilize knowledge like King Solomon

then go past the threshold
that latches aging souls to old debris
with the intention of going ocean deep 
push it to the limit and break free!

freak out like a spider
is crawling in your hair 
sing and dance in the shower 
as through nobody’s there 

punch holes into naysayers lies like Swiss cheese 
synchronize with fading droplets of hope 
hidden in the dark repugnant mist 
live your life and bare freedom as a witness


Thank you for reading!

Love, Esha ❤

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