Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Spinning Disgrace is the only word appropriate For the wealthiest country in the world Casting it's poor to the streets Many Americans work 2 and 3 jobs And still don't have enough to eat   Trying to dig their way out of a hole That has gotten too steep … Continue reading Spinning


Can I Get a Witness? 

Can I Get a Witness?  beat it like a cockroach on a bathroom wall  slide like ice is under your feet  strike with the accuracy of a bald eagle  and the ferocity of a lioness in heat be like hyenas cunning and lethal stalking your territory for a way to feed your people be fearless … Continue reading Can I Get a Witness? 

Imprints on Silky Linen

  Imprints on Silky Linen    that there mark is from me trying to be grown before my time  getting holes punched into flesh’s concrete trying to look a little older  so people stop carding me 12 piercings in... and i still look 15    what is love without touch?  you can get close to … Continue reading Imprints on Silky Linen