Random Thoughts: Social Media Hell

I have found the nature of social media incompatible with the needs of the human soul! Does interacting with social media enhance the nature of our existence or take away from our essence. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter none of it has kept my attention lately. I find myself at a lost for words…

Sometimes it’s hard to connect with a connection. It’s difficult to smile at a screen. I miss seeing people and them seeing me. No words needed just a wave without a signal lost or disconnection. At this point, I am eagerly awaiting the days I can confidently and safely give a hi-five.

Being in the house is hard. The demands of Corvid-19 has been taxing my soul harder than the I.R.S in the April’s prior. I have dreams about going outside only to wake up and still be in my bed.

But being productive is the best way to use my time so I’m back blogging…




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