I Just Want to Be True

Hi World,

I can seriously relate to the song Tru by Lloyd. When I reflect on my life over the last three years I am amazed that I survived. Graduating from college was difficult but I though my journey would be smooth sailing afterwards. WRONG! Leaving college with a few degrees is only the tip of the iceberg. Building a successful career is an entirely different battle but it is a necessary one. After doing some soul searching I realize my experiences outside of career chasing have been just as valuable in my development as a person.

Recently, I decided that personal growth and career growth go hand and hand. If you work for an organization and you are not content there it can affect your outlook on life and yourself. I have dedicated to dedicate what’s life of May to self exploration with my birthday just around the corner I have begun to reflect on my experiences thus far. Here are some takeaways:

  1. Silence is golden, everything that comes to your mind probably doesn’t need to be said.
  2. Some people will take your kindness for weakness. They do not understand that being kind takes a hell of a lot of will power and if tempted that same power can be redirected like lighting.
  3. Everything that glitters isn’t gold (HMM.. I’m starting to see a theme with gold here LOL). Be careful, people aren’t always who they seem to be. Integrity is a rare trait so protect your spirit at all costs. Their are some beautiful people out their with ugly souls… no need to get caught up in their web.
  4. Even if your only 5’2, Never sell yourself short. I can literally point out moments when I held myself back because I was scared of achieving my true potential. Sometimes I felt more comfort with acceding negative things about myself. It never profited me to view a half full cup as half empty.




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