Said My Name

we google map to a destination

and met at a crossroad

seems like the reality

that we strive for has yet to unfold


it slips through our fingers

too buttery to hold

loose mud

too unpredictable to mold


i was your lover

not long ago -do you remember?

the way you use to caress the bottom of my breast

just last December

it was all butterflies, cologne disguise and tenderness


simply put,

we was peanut butter and jelly together

we would wreck havoc

this is Romeo and Juliet tragic

pulling poison from ungiving veins

pulling daggers inserted to numb the pain


you brought on my purple rain

with your soft lips as sweet as sugar cane

warm breezes that leave as swiftly as they came

coasting off the sea like hurricanes


is there a status for indifferent lovers

minus the love

don’t call each other for a bad day

yet not too shy to hug

self isolation and a fear of commitment


isn’t all that stands between us:

a history of distrust

blunt to a point

but never lit

dismissive of problems

we were unequipped to deal with


if we were concrete

you would take a sledgehammer to walls

threaten Berlin to fall

or would you just sit in the silence of it all

in the chill fall


and watch me walk away

we pay for the mistakes we make

and the things we never say

even in the twilight of midnight

i bet you wish you said my name




© 2020 by Esha Montgomery




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