Chivalry + Sleep = Story time

Everyone gather round,

I have spent countless hours racking my brain wondering stupid things. And at long last, I have an answer to one of those questions! For centuries there has been an age long question that men and women alike ponder… Is chivalry dead? Is there a place for it today’s modern world? Is there a cost for it?

When chivalry is thought of some may envision medieval times, knights, ladies, open door, flowers, general kind gestures from men, protecting women and children etc. But it is so much more than actions… It is the time and place in which those actions occur!

When I find myself on the receiving end of a bad situation sometimes I wonder… where did all the gentlemen go? The brothas that will hold the door for a stressed sista on the move. The ones that go an extra mile to make me smile… No sex necessary! Ya know the type that fairytales are made of…

  • A building fire alarm has been set off and a man makes the effort to make sure the single mother living across the hall from him has vacated the premises
  • Providing change to cover the remaining tab of a woman at the grocery store
  • The bus driver who encourages you to keep pushing forward while joking with you about the craziness he has seen on the job, it’s the little things for me.

Nearly a year ago, I had my own encounter…

It was June but the forecast read like March. I was exhausted after a 10 hour shift at a popup store downtown. The morning sun that sent me on my way had drifted be hide the dim cover of a murky night leaving the sky devoid of stars. Try as I might, my shoulders strained under the weight of my silent burdens. The ache in my feel, soreness in my voice, creek of my knees, red irritation of my eyes from the fluorescent light of the store. The stress and lack of sleep sent me into a zombie commuter state.

I walked down to the subway platform form seemingly fine but my eyes glowed with the moonlight of a phone induced trance. Unaware of my surroundings, the loud clanking of the railing made my descent into oblivious living feel natural. I stare at my phone till my heart is content. I transferred to a line where seats were a rare commodity now forced to hold my cell and grip a hand rail for balance I was determined not to let go of my web surfing. Until… I got off the train and dropped it. In shock, I watch my Android slip beneath the tracks of a moving train!!!

Damn, this is just my luck. The train rolls away just as quick as it came. But I remain, stunned and looking for the cell phone to see if it can be saved.

There it is! I reached out for the fallen comrade like an R&B singer in the 90s pleading to get his less than enthusiastic girlfriend back. But to no avail, I was gonna have to jump on them tracks for it… but my upper body strength was no match for the task at hand. How am I gonna jump down there, get my phone and hoist myself back up from the tracks?

An irreconcilable challenge lied before me… get your phone and face potential death or lose your greatest communication investment as a result of falling victim to a clumsy trance like state? So you know what I did! I walked the FUCK AWAY with my held down looking like a 6 year old that dropped their ice cream cone. Then I heard a voice call to me from the station platform.

Hey, you okay? You look sad. I turned around to see a grayish brown, short man, wearing a blue veterans hat with a matching jacket. He looked concern yet confident.

I’m okay but my cell fell on the train tracks, I replied with a quaking voice.

Hold on, I’ll see if I can get it. I immediately started contesting and assured him I was okay and there was no need to go out risking his life over a device -I didn’t properly hold on to. More people on the platform began to gather round in response to the commotion.

He got down on this hands like he was about to do a pushup, peering onto the tracks till he hollered out, I see it! It’s not too far, fell just outside the train’s reach. Your lucky.

The he leaped down to the tracks snatched the cell hoisted himself up and gave it to me within 60 seconds flat. If life has taught me nothing else, it has shown me that veterans are no joke! I thanked him and went home reveling in the after bliss of his chivalry towards me. Now that you know my cell salvation story, I want everyone to know that chivalry is not dead, it’s simply hibernating waiting for it’s opportunity to show up and show out.

I hope you enjoyed my story! Have a peaceful night!


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