What is a Friend?

What is a Friend? 

There was a time when friendship amounted to more than heads nodding in agreement and round of applause for well-doing. It was a base to keep you honest and humble.

They are the people that tell you the truth and hold you to it even when it hurts them to do so. They inform you of your wrong doing even if it could cost them everything. 

To be a true friend at times you must sacrifice the comfortable conversations for the uncomfortable ones. It is in those moments that we find growth that far exceeds the pleasure of stroking our egos.

It is in those moments that we are able to define true friendship. On our good and bad days on a pedestal made of wood and clay or laying on an unforgiving floor we find the essence of relationships and it is in this bevy of uncertainty in my life that I find you. 

No matter where today leads you, remember that you are loved and that you are love. Thank you for being a friend. 

Forever yours, Esha 


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