My Awkward Truth: Hamburgers Please

Photo by Jonathan Borba on There is one thing I love more than anything. Nothing can compare. All day at any time I think of it. It is a constant feeling of relief to a troubled soul. In a world where being Black is difficult. People judge me before I speak. They walk in … Continue reading My Awkward Truth: Hamburgers Please

Poets Are Not A Monolith: YOU

Photo by Esha Montgomery Earlier this month, I stood in-front of my table selling poetry books, mugs, handmade fabrics and jewelry. A tall fellow comes by and begins to thumb the pages in one of the books. With a slight grin he says, I thought poetry is supposed to be sweet. I replied, No, I … Continue reading Poets Are Not A Monolith: YOU

Unreleased: Snow Globe

Photo by Jordan Benton on Snow Globe We skate figure 8's Arm's stretched out-wide to catch the draft We live for the moment There is thrill in our laugh Wearing a coat too big to fit Trekking through the slush But it fails to penetrate insulated boots Strong enough to crush acorns with Mittens … Continue reading Unreleased: Snow Globe

Talk That Talk: Emotionless

Talk That Talk: Emotionless¬†¬† you're just a vibe you'll be in some other chick's bed by the end of the night and that's just fine so don't go playing tricks with my mind acting as though you're sincere when that's just a lie and if there's one thing i hate... it's wasted time don't leave … Continue reading Talk That Talk: Emotionless


Exquisite i know your smile it creases at the corner sometimes you bite the top and let the bottom hang for a little while lick your lips like chap stick is out of style you know that kinky stuff drives me wild i love your intoxicating scent a hint of Egyptian musk and black licorice … Continue reading Exquisite