Poets Are Not A Monolith: YOU

Photo by Esha Montgomery

Earlier this month, I stood in-front of my table selling poetry books, mugs, handmade fabrics and jewelry. A tall fellow comes by and begins to thumb the pages in one of the books. With a slight grin he says, I thought poetry is supposed to be sweet. I replied, No, I like to write realistic poetry that takes on a life of it’s own. Though some poems can be sweet. He then puts the book down and scampers off as his boombox plays a sweet melody from the 80’s.

My poetic response to this situation is as follows:


Poetry can be whatever you want it to be

But poets are not a monolith

We all create according to our artistic voice

No one poet is alike

We are a snake cuddling up for warmth

But still willing and able to bite

We are the sun beaming in the day

We are the hanging moon reflecting the pale light

Sometimes, poetry is like a seductive bouquet of assorted roses

Though beautiful, the thorns are painful to the touch

We close the distance between near and far for the sake of closeness

Inch closer to my words

I need your ears so my dreams can give birth

Your eyes so my words can come to life

But even your criticism too…

Because poetry is a conversation happening within YOU

Love always, Esha ❤


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