Unpopular Reality

Give me the truth 

One thing I learned about lying 

Is the upkeep cost is too high 

Because you have to lie again to maintain a lie 

So tell me the truth 

Even if it curls your upper lip 

And brings salty disappointment to trusting eyes 

I can’t live in the dark 

Unaware of the light 

Always wondering why the story didn’t make sense 

Sensing the inconsistencies in my mind 

Knowing that I’m being deceived  

By a fallacy that is wasting my precious time 

So tell me the truth 

I triple dog dare you to be honest 

Be the opposite of mainstream news 

And tell me the unpopular reality 

Minus the saxophone blues

Give me the meat with the bones 

Leave no stone unturned in it’s deliverance 

Either way it goes down like bitter medicine 

The hardest part is admitting to it’s sour taste

Accepting it comes with time 

But even if it desolates 

The life I believed to be fine 

I would like to hear it, 

All the same  

Because you can’t have the sunshine 

Without a little rain 

 Love always, Esha ❤


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