My Awkward Truth: Hamburgers Please

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

There is one thing I love more than anything. Nothing can compare. All day at any time I think of it. It is a constant feeling of relief to a troubled soul. In a world where being Black is difficult. People judge me before I speak. They walk in the grass to avoid sharing a sidewalk with me. I run to the warm embrace of beef. I love to eat hamburgers. I mean the big kind. I want it to be double stacked and juicy with lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon and cheese. Hopefully, there’s no extra change because I want the barbecue sauce dripping. It’s the color and the texture for me. Thick and brown with a savory smell suited for greasy burgers. Every bite is filled with bliss. I contemplate the sadness that reverberates through my lonely soul and I realize that if I die tomorrow at least I smiled today. Sometimes, I cry a little from the happiness it brings. In a cold society with little to relieve the pain I have a warm piece of meat in between two soft buns. It doesn’t solve anything major but feeling a little less hungry is a good start.

Love always, Esha ❤


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