Blow My Way

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

There are days when I woke up to my boyfriend

But I only thought of you

If you were okay?

And if you met anyone new?

I dreamed that I would run into you

In the city

That we would have a second chance

A last hurrah

A final dance

To be caught in a clumsy bliss

Step on toes

Clasp sturdy hands

And reminisce

On the love that clung tighter

Then most people’s wedding bands

Even till this day

I’ve never understood why

I think of you so much

Waiting, wanting and praying

To be close

But scared to touch

You are the fantasy

I dare not utter to another soul

Ashamed of why I love you so much

But trying desperately not to let you go

Being friends is too hard

Run the risk of losing control

Kiss you

Hold you

Rock you in my giving arms

Once more

We have grown distant


Created new ways to live

But I still see

The rustling hope in your eyes

Like the bright orange leaves of autumn

Crunching under foot

We were rooted

Before we dug into the deep, dark soil

But your love fills the empty spaces

Of my long days like wind on the prairie

Blow my way once again

Love always, Esha ❤

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