Blow My Way

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on There are days when I woke up to my boyfriend But I only thought of you If you were okay? And if you met anyone new? I dreamed that I would run into you In the city That we would have a second chance A last hurrah A final … Continue reading Blow My Way

No Need

Photo by Mateusz Sau0142aciak on When you move in silence. There's no need to talk. Just watch and listen. Take in the sounds of gossip, crickets and laughter. Be aware of your environment. The plush grass grows slowly. The dandelions open wide like a sun that rises in the east and sets in the … Continue reading No Need


Typos¬† puzzle me confused... i bet you're amused by the things i misspell and less enthused about my writing   due to unused grammatical rules you caught me in a hap hazardous inferno a slideshow of School House Rock ignored i probably should of paid attention more   but i sat in class bored... staring … Continue reading Typos