Blow My Way

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on There are days when I woke up to my boyfriend But I only thought of you If you were okay? And if you met anyone new? I dreamed that I would run into you In the city That we would have a second chance A last hurrah A final … Continue reading Blow My Way


Move Now, Relax Later

Photo by NO NAME on Just move. There will be a time for rest. A season to relax. Wrapped within a moment to breathe. But until then... scoot toward the stretch of cobalt, orange and red horizon that lies before you. Forming over the tips of rocky hills, knowing that triumph awaits you still. … Continue reading Move Now, Relax Later


Photo by Pixabay on Thankful Where do we go from here? Nowhere but up Some people didn't open their eyes this morning That's why we are thankful To see the orange beams of a new day rise Gratefully granted another opportunity to get things right Happy for the additional time to strive Shoot, just … Continue reading Thankful