Small Truth: My Ache

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It’s a small truth, I rarely discuss. I’m turned on by love and seduced by lust. Still I get upset when sweet kisses don’t stay. When betrayal is my bitter water and lies my meal of the day. But it’s hard for me to turn you away. So I try to down play it. Because I don’t want people to know… That deep down I’m hurt and reeling as a result of being emotional. How do I deal with feelings my heart can’t control? When all I ever wanted was to be cared for by you. Now I have a slow ache in the place where my heart use to be. All alone in my kitchen surrounded by food but I can’t eat. My appetite has been taken from me.Yet ice cream tastes good. Even when I’m in the midst of sadness one thing is understood… Ice numbs the pain.

Love always, Esha ❤

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