A Thought: Love Vs. Lust

Anyone can experience lust. But there may not be enough love for all of us. It's a rare commodity that's in short supply. Some of us will not experience it before we die. But we make efforts everyday to go out there and still try. Because love is worth its weight in gold. It can't … Continue reading A Thought: Love Vs. Lust

Small Truth: My Ache

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It's a small truth, I rarely discuss. I'm turned on by love and seduced by lust. Still I get upset when sweet kisses don't stay. When betrayal is my bitter water and lies my meal of the day. But it's hard for me to turn you away. So I try … Continue reading Small Truth: My Ache

Talk That Talk: Emotionless

Talk That Talk: Emotionless   you're just a vibe you'll be in some other chick's bed by the end of the night and that's just fine so don't go playing tricks with my mind acting as though you're sincere when that's just a lie and if there's one thing i hate... it's wasted time don't leave … Continue reading Talk That Talk: Emotionless