First Date

Photo by Budgeron Bach on

Look into the starry eyes of a distance lover

And wonder…

What does it take to pull them closer?

And why does near feel so far away?

We wait for the perfect moment

But fail to seize the day

As though the opportunity for love will last

As if the chance will never go astray

We wait for hours, weeks, months

We hope, fantasize and pray

Struggling against our better judgement

Relying on feelings that dissipate

But still… despite it all

We focus on the joy

And excitement of the first date

Once started

We wonder why did we ever wait?

We fuss over the perfect outfit

Changing from shirt to shirt, pants to skirt

Only to realize that anticipation makes it work

So we put on the shoes that are two sizes too small

Even if it makes our feet hurt

Love always, Esha ❤

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