Love Over Money

If people were focused on love then the money wouldn't matter. It would only add to the comfort and happiness that was already there. Love always, Esha ❤

First Date

Photo by Budgeron Bach on Look into the starry eyes of a distance lover And wonder... What does it take to pull them closer? And why does near feel so far away? We wait for the perfect moment But fail to seize the day As though the opportunity for love will last As if … Continue reading First Date

My Mood: Vacation

    Vacation i needed to take a break, to focus, to think, to rest, to relate, to pray, to play while I'm lounging in the energy of vacation days it's beneficial to spend time away easy mornings filled with chilled, lemon water detox and reading books in palm tree shade   Love always, Esha … Continue reading My Mood: Vacation