Steel Toes

Photo by Teresa Rautio on The snow falls like crumpled pieces of off white construction paper On a frigid landscape of charcoal concrete and yellow dashes At the bus stop bench sits a gray haired man In a tan, burly coat smoking a cigarette with a withered hand It has seen the passage of … Continue reading Steel Toes


Photo by Valeriia Miller on Some of the kindest people have been through the most excruciating journeys. Despite the smile on someone's face you never know what they've overcome. So it's best not to judge people based on their appearance or the shoes they wear. They might end up becoming the friend that uplifts … Continue reading Shoes

First Date

Photo by Budgeron Bach on Look into the starry eyes of a distance lover And wonder... What does it take to pull them closer? And why does near feel so far away? We wait for the perfect moment But fail to seize the day As though the opportunity for love will last As if … Continue reading First Date

He Keeps Going

Photo by Craig Adderley on               This poem is dedicated to my father.   He Keeps Going He trucks through muddy terrain In worn out and creased black boots Working hard to earn green loot To put hot food on the table For fresh smiles on glowing faces … Continue reading He Keeps Going

Just Have Fun!

Just Have Fun! pull out the disco ball let the shiny confetti fly put on your dancing shoes and give something new a try   If you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see more… Please like, share, comment and subscribe – Love always, Esha