My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words

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Scared to Run Out of Words

I took a little break from writing. Because I was scared, worried that I might run out of poetry to make and words to say. But  words are infinite. People create new ones everyday. To describe what they feel and what they are doing? When all is said and done…

We are living conduits of human expression. We walk with verbs. Describe the way we talk with adverbs. Visit places known and unknown with nouns and describe the place we visit with adjectives. So Everyday that we live and breath we create ART. 

The thought of giving in and running out of words to describe my hurt and happiness is a painful notion. It recoils inside of a endless void trapped in the center of me. That feeling makes me want to fight harder, strive more, go further than I did yesterday in hopes of providing words and meaning to this complicated thing called LIFE. 

Has anyone else ever felt this way? Please leave comments.


Love Always, Esha ❤

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