Status: Complicated

We've gone through so many phrases... Of caring Then not caring Then caring again Are we even lovers? Can we ever be friends? But for some reason We think of each other often So I guess that makes us complicated You want things simple But I leave you frustrated And although we both hate it … Continue reading Status: Complicated

My Take: Outside

Photo by Tim Samuel on Outside Today was complicated. I wasn't upset but I was frustrated. I spent most of the day deliberating if I wanted to go outside... I blame my indecisive confusion on the irritant known as pandemic times. Love always, Esha ❤

My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words

Scared to Run Out of Words I took a little break from writing. Because I was scared, worried that I might run out of poetry to make and words to say. But  words are infinite. People create new ones everyday. To describe what they feel and what they are doing? When all is said and … Continue reading My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words

Frog Prince

Frog Prince  he leaps from chick to chick  lilly to daisy  but let me call him out on his shit…  he quick to call me crazy  but why?   you get kicks off  get rocks off  get high off the occasion  yeah... you fly and all  but we both know you compensating  fuck a lot of … Continue reading Frog Prince