Frog Prince

close up photo of green frog
Photo by Lu00facio Arantes on

Frog Prince 

he leaps from chick to chick 
lilly to daisy 
but let me call him out on his shit… 
he quick to call me crazy 

but why?  
you get kicks off 
get rocks off 
get high off the occasion 

yeah… you fly and all 
but we both know you compensating 
fuck a lot of females 
like a boy to man initiation 

but in reality, you just deviating  
succumbing to bad practices 
taught to you by lesser men 
involved in wayward business and sin 

so when you get froggy 
you gone leap
because sex is less complicated 
and tackling internal issues is too deep 

but while you going 
from pad to pad 
think of me 


Thank you for reading! ❤

Love always, Esha


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