Spoken Word: Battle

graceful ethnic model with white flower behind back
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com



sometimes, i look like a good Samaritan

but i’m just a sister on a move

see i

came out the womb too quick!

and lost sight of my dreams too soon


i always been the type

to cut on Luther Vandross type tunes

afterwards, i’m on an expedition

like i was cast in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom


some say i’m weird

cause when they ask me a question

i hesitate

but if you need answers from me


be prepared to wait…

see i

bleed common sense empty

and press my hair till it’s straight and dry

don’t believe them lies about heat taming


you tryna burn what lives on the inside

now you have straight hair

but your heart beats are strung by African’s pride

hate only conquers

when we allow them to divide


stand tall, don’t let your spiritual kinks die

take up your people’s trident

that your Father set aside

see i, don’t want you to ever let go


don’t expect people to understand

a barrier to entry

they never cared to know

keep reaching high

continue to set and meet goals


this isn’t a battle for the mind

this is a battle for the soul

for some it started with a pick and an Afro

so if your friends aren’t truly your allies

let them go



© 2020 by Esha Montgomery


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