End Of My Rope

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com I've sought out a piece of peace in strange places. Back alleys, smoke, empty bottles and worn out faces. With age I have prayed for relief. Eased burden and freedom from trauma that hangs on my shoulders like weights attached to chains. I listen to them bang and clang … Continue reading End Of My Rope


Explored: Original Sin

  Original Sin the last Sunday speaks racism is the disease denial is sick   If you enjoyed this post... If you would like to see more... Please like, share, comment and subscribe 🙂 - Much love, Esha

Spoken Word: Battle

    sometimes, i look like a good Samaritan but i’m just a sister on a move see i came out the womb too quick! and lost sight of my dreams too soon   i always been the type to cut on Luther Vandross type tunes afterwards, i’m on an expedition like i was cast … Continue reading Spoken Word: Battle