Emoji Lies



it’s hard to locate

but even more difficult to find

i gotta get a peace of mind

until then

i’ll play like i’m fine


wear bright colors

as though the sadness

doesn’t sit like a bench

on my mind


pose for the camera

smile for the gram

paint in societal lines

a life defined by crying emojis

and peace signs


got on a ladder

trying to make it

to the upper room

God sent me back

said I was trying to leave

to soon


negativity took all

the air out the room

leaving nothing

but numb feelings

and mortal doom


applied torches

to my hopes and dreams

tears burned away

at my hope

like moths eating through

dress seams


wanted change

reached for better

till i hit a vein

the type of buildup


that would drive

a blessed person insane

but i kept going

all the same

posting laughter emoji’s

in the rain






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